Patch Genealogy

The study of a family’s genealogy presents a fascinating experience.  It is not only interesting to find the vital information concerning the dates of births, marriages, and deaths, but, also how some of our ancestors participated in the social, economic, religious and political events during their lives.

Although time-consuming, it has not been unduly difficult to trace our family tree in Somerset, England, in America and in Canada.  Our ancestors were pioneers in the Massachusetts Bay Colony where five generations (Nicholas Jr. – Jacob) lived.  At the turn of the twentieth century, organizations in Massachusetts collected the vital records of the pioneers.   The information gained from church, civil, and family records was published in books of vital records (births, marriages, deaths ) for practically every community.  These vital records available in most public libraries in Massachusetts.

It is fortunate (i.e. for genealogy studies) that David and his youngest sons emigrated to Lower Canada (Québec).  The churches  there were required to send to the county courthouse, at the end of each year, a book of their vital records.

Incidentally, the gravestones in cemeteries are a source of valuable information.  The writer must have visited at least 65 cemeteries.  The inscriptions on the stones in the older cemeteries impressed upon me that our ancestors had a good sense of humour as well as great faith.

Dr. Frank S. Patch, Benjamin Charles Patch Jr. and Gertrude Patch had found authentic information concerning Nicholas’ Jr. father and grandfather in Somerset.  Also, my daughter Linda, visited Somerset, and was able to get some information from church records (in Latin) concerning Nicholas Senior and Nicholas Junior’s baptism and his marriage to Elizabeth Owslye.  The information Linda found is identified by a (v) in the chart.  She discovered that it is probably not possible to gain information dating before the sixteenth century unless the ancestor was very high in the hierarchy of royalty, church, or state.

It should be emphasized that the information presented in this genealogical study was derived by direct and indirect access to official records and from information believed to be authentic, gained from studies by other individuals.  Circumstantial evidence has been utilized to a very limited extent to determine the association of the earliest generations.

Why did our branch of the Patch family emigrate to America?  There are some interesting legends that suggest why they left Somerset.  There is no evidence to suggest that they were anything but hard-working, respectable, religious and courageous people.  However, some of them tended to be rebellious.  They left Somerset in the 1630’s during the reign of Charles I.  On reading the history of the religious, political, and social aspects of Charles I reign, it is not difficult to understand why they would be motivated to emigrate.  Charles I alienated a great majority of his people by his religious policies and his support for William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury.  Laud was stimulating the religious passions (intolerance) of the 1570’s and 1580’s. In the ‘70’s and ‘80’s the intolerance led to the development of underground churches and to “subversive” religious activities.

In the 1630’s those who found the religious views of Charles I and Archbishop Laud intolerable had an option not available to previous generations.  They could, and did, emigrate in large numbers to the Massachusetts Bay Colony.  Nicholas Jr. and family left in 1636.  If they had waited thirteen years they may have remained in Somerset.  In 1649 Charles I was beheaded on the orders of Oliver Cromwell.

One hundred and forty years later the Patch family became involved in the American Revolution.  At least 60 members of the Patch family, including my great, great, great grandfather Jacob, fought against the British in the Revolutionary War.

It should be noted that my mother, Minnie Brown Hurlbut Patch (1891 – 1957) was a descendant of Empire Loyalists.

The descendants of Nicholas Jr. and Elizabeth spread out all over the United States, and to a limited extent, Canada.  In the agrarian society, the farm was usually bequeathed to the oldest son.  The other sons had to move away to find and to clear land, and to establish their own farms.  It was not until the early years of the twentieth century, that there was a significant movement to other vocations in the towns and urban centres.

This genealogical study is incomplete.  More information should be found.  There are blank spaces to be filled, and further authentication should proceed.  Please send me any information that you may obtain that may improve this publication.


m.Marriedk.i.a.Killed In Action
d.of m.Date of Marriage int.Intention (banns)

Sources of Information

V.Verified from original records
B.C.H.S.Brome County Historical Society
B.V.R.Beverly Vital Records
C.R.Concord Register
G.V.R.Groton Vital Records
N.V.R. Newton Vital Records
S.V.R. Salem Vital Records
W.F.V.R.Westford Vital Records
W.V.R. Wenham Vital Records

Other sources of information from individuals through personal communications, letters and/or publications include:

Alberta Patch Beaulac, Benjamin Charles Patch Jr., Donald F. Patch, Douglas G. Patch, Dr. Frank S. Patch, Gertrude Keiley Patch, Helen Perryman Patch, Jeffrey Patch, Jennie Simms Patch, Jonathan Patch, Linda Patch Coenraads, Lillian A. Prevost, Mildred Patch Clark, Richard Patch, Russell Patch, Douglas Wing, Stanley Wing.

Origin of the name Patch

The name Patch is one of several derived from the word “pasches” meaning Easter.  Forms such as “Pache” may have been used as personal names for those born at Easter or during the Passover Festival.  Other derivations and spellings include Paeche, Pace, Patche, Patchette, Patchin, Payche. Amond the earliest recorded members of the Patch family in England were Henry Patche 1248, Nicholas Paeche, 1248, Richard Pacche 1273, John Pacche 1273, William Payche 1327, Robertus Pache, 1379.

The Genealogy

1. William Patch (Patche)

b.________ ca.1520d. June 15,1575 (South Petherton, Somersetshire, England)
m. ________  b. ________d. ________
d. of m. ________


1. Richardb._______ca 1545 bur. April 22, 1594-5 (v) (South Petherton)
2. Nicholas Sr .b._______ca 1550 bur. December 25, 1637 (South Petherton)
3. Edmund Srb._______ca 1555 bur. August 2,1617 (South Petherton)

Note 1: Richard married Joanna (Joan) d.of m. ca 1577-78.
             They had two children; Richard b.1578/79 and Mary b.1586
            Joan b.________ d.________

Note 2: Nicholas Sr. was a church warden in 1600 (South Petherton)

Note 3: Edmund Sr. m. (name unknown)   They had eight children.

Thomasb. ________ 1589 d. ________
Nicholasb. ________ 1591d. ________ 1591
Joanb. ________ 1592d. ________ 1611
Elizabethb. ________d. ________ 1600
Edithbp. June 27, 1596-7(v)d. ________
Edmund Jr.bp. Sept. 22, 1601d. Nov.10, 1680 (Salem, MA)
Richard b. ________ 1604d. ________
William b. ________ 1609d. ________

 Edmund Jr. settled in Salem, MA ca 1639, had a son there: Abraham bp. Aug. 5, 1649. d.  Nov.10, 1680.

2. Nicholas Patch Sr.

b.________ ca.1550bur.  December 25, 1637 (South Petherton, Somerset)
I.   m. Christiana Denman        b. ca 1559.d.  December 7, 1578-9 (v)
d.of m. January 28, 1577


1. Joanb. December 7, 1578-9(v)d.  May 28, 1598
II.   m. Jane B.          b.  ca. 1558.bur. May 12,1633
d.of m.  ca.1579-80 (South Petherton)
1. Marybp.  Oct,28, 1580d.________
2 .Francesb.    Oct.24, 1586d.________
3. Edmundbp.  Mar.23, 1588-89bur. Feb 21, 1596-97
4. Johnbp.  Jan.18, 1590-91bur. Aug.16, 1617
5. Nicholas bp.  Feb 15, 1591-92bur.  Feb 18, 1592-93
6. Elizabethbp.  Apr.16, 1594d. Nov.9, 1676-77  (Beverly, MA)
7. Nicholas Jr.bp.  June 26, 1596-97 (v)d. Nov. 1673  (Beverly, MA)
8. Fortune b.    May 27, 1600d. ________
9. Joan b.    Mar.14, 1601-02d.  Ca 1649 (East Coker, Somerset)
10. Richard b.    Jan 22, 1604-05d. ________

Note 6:  Elizabeth married William Woodbury in South Petherton Jan.29,1616-17(v). Settled in Salem, MA ca 1637.

Note 7:  Nicholas Jr. and Elizabeth Owley arrived in the Massachusetts colony on the “DEFENDER” in 1636, with two sons, John and James.  They settled in Salem in 1637.  Nicholas was a member of First Church, Salem.  Nicholas was prominent in church and town affairs and is reputed to be one of the founders of Beverly, MA.  Nicholas Patch Jr. had a grant of land of 10 acres in 1638 and 40 acres in 1639.  Nicholas gave land on which the first church in Beverly was established and may have endowed the church to some extent.  The church was established in 1667.

3. Nicholas Patch Jr.

bp.   June 26, 1596-97 (v) (South Petherton)d. November, 1673 (Beverly, MA)
m.    Elizabeth Owslye   b.________d. ________
d.of m.  Sept.17, 1622-3 (v) (South Petherton) 


1. Johnbp. Dec.26, 1624d.________
2. Jamesbp. Sept.18, 1626d. August 10, 1658 (Beverly, MA)
3. Thomasb. July 10, 1638-39 (Salem, MA or near Wenham)d. Feb.19, 1721-22 (W.V.R.) (Wenham, MA)

Note 1:  John married Elizabeth Brackenbury (1630-1715).  She died in Salem Jan.15, 1715 (B.V.R.).  Her gravestone may be seen in the old cemetery at Beverly, MA.  Their children were:

Richardb. April 30, 1648 (S.V.R.) bp. October 1, 1667 (B.V.R.) 
Sarah b. May 28, 1650.(S.V.R.) bp. May 12, 1668 (B.V.R.)
Elizabethb. Dec.6, 1652 (S.V.R.) bp. Oct. 1, 1667 (B.V.R.)
Ellenb. 1656d. Dec.2, 1658 (S.V.R.)
Johnb. 1658-9 (S.V.R.) bp. Oct.1, 1667 (B.V.R.)
Benjamin bp. July 4, 1670 (B.V.R.)
It appears that the children of John and Elizabeth were baptized after the first church was established in Beverly in 1667

Note 2: James married his first cousin Hannah Woodbury in 1645-46 at Salem, MA. Children were:

Maryb. March 21, 1647d. August 30, 1648-49 (S.V.R.)
Mary (again) b. Feb.6, 1649 (S.V.R.)
Elizabeth b. April 16, 1654 (S.V.R.)
Jamesb. April 4, 1655d. 1733 (S.V.R.)
Nicholasb. August 21, 1657 (S.V.R. ) d. Nov.16, 1657

Note 3: Thomas was a prominent citizen of Wenham, MA.  He was a Sergeant and deputy to the General Court in 1689, and a selectman in Wenham in 1681, 1687, and 1707.  Also, he served as a surveyor, constable, and as town treasurer.   He served on a grand jury June 18,1695, and Commissioner of Assessments in 1695.  He built a large home ca.1700, that was restored ca 1900.  It is located at 162 Cherry St., Wenham MA.

4. Thomas Patch

b. July 10,1638 (Salem, MA, maybe Wenham MA) d. February 19, 1721-22 (W.V.R.) (Wenham, MA)
I. m. Mary Lovett     b.________d.________
d. of m. ________

No Known Issue

II m. Mary Scott b.________1643 (Ipswich, MA) d. Sept. 26, 1723  (W.V.R.) (Wenham, MA)
d. of m.  1664-65 (Wenham, MA)


1.  Sarahb. Dec.8, 1666 (W.V.R.)d.________
2.  Marah b. Feb.3, 1669 (W.V.R.)d.________
3.  Thomas Jr. b. July 19, 1674 (W.V.R.) d. October 7, 1754 (W.V.R.)
4.  Timothyb.________1676d. June 24, 1746 (Wenham, MA) (W.V.R.)
5.  Stephenb. Feb.12, 1680 (W.V.R.) d. Jan 25, 1748-49 (W.V.R.)
6.  Isaacb.________1682 (Wenham, MA) d. July 12, 1762 (Groton,MA)
7.  Ephriam b.________d.________
8.  Simonb.________d.________

Note 6.  Isaac lived in Newton, Medford, Concord and Groton, MA.

5. Isaac Patch

b.________1682 (Wenham, MA) d. July 12, 1762 (Groton, MA)
m.   Edith Edwards   b.________1682 (Beverly, MA)d. ________ 1782
d. of m.  March 10,1708-09 (W.V.R., B.V.R.) (Beverly, MA.)


1. Jonathan b. Aug.31, 1709 (?) d. Feb.14, 1771
2. Sarahb. Dec.11, 1711 (Newton, MA) d. ________
3. Thomasb. April 15, 1713 (Newton, MA) (N.V.R.)d. May 1, 1754 (Hollis, MA)
4. Lydiab. Nov. 24, 1714 (Newton, MA)d. ________
5. Isaac Jr.b. Feb.27, 1715-16 (Newton) (N.V.R.)d. ________
6. Edithb. Feb.24, 1717 (Concord) (C.R.)d. ________
7. Ebenezerb. Sept. 7, 1719-20 (C.R.)d. Jan. 19, 1777 (G.V.R.)
8. Lois b. Aug. 13, 1721. (C.R.) d. Feb 20, 1722 (C.R.)
9. Ephriamb. May 5, 1723 (Concord) (C.R.)d. Nov.1, 1807 (Chesterfield, MA)
10. Maryb. April 7, 1725 (Concord) (C.R.)d. ________

Note 5: Isaac Jr. and his son Isaac are reported to have participated in a raid on Crown Point in 1755, during the French-Indian war.  (Source: Groton historical museum records of  payments to participants in the raids.) June 25, 1755.

Note 7:   Ebenezer is buried in a large family plot in the old cemetery in Groton, MA.  Also his wife Sarah, and children.  Sarah married Samuel Chamberlain after Ebenezer died.

Note 8:   Concord Register (C.R.) shows Lois d. Feb.24,1720, and another Lois b. Aug.13,1721.  It was not uncommon if a child died in infancy that a child born later was given the same name.

6. Ebenezer Patch

b. Sept. 7,1720. (C.R.) (Concord, MA) d. Jan.19,1777.(G.V.R.) (Groton, MA)
m.  Sarah Wright     b. April 3,1730 (Westford, MA) d.. June 12,1793.  (G.V.R.) (Groton, MA)
d.of m. June 14,1746. (W.F.V.R.) (Westford, MA) (G.V.R.)


1.  Jacobb. April 5, 1747 (G.V.R.) d. Dec.22, 1818  (G.V.R.) (Groton Cemetery)
2. Simonb. July 11, 1749(G.V.R.)d. Dec.31, 1776 (G.V.R.) (Groton Cemetery)
3. Oliverb. Feb.10, 1751 (G.V.R.)d. ________
4. Benjaminb. May 23, 1754(G.V.R.)d. Sept.28, 1827 bur. Ludlow, VT
5. Sarahb. Sept.15, 1756 (G.V.R.)d. Apr. 2, 1770
6. Ebenezerb. Dec. 30, 1758 (G.V.R.)d. July 8, 1763
7. Peter bp. June 26, 1763 (G.V.R.)d. ________
8. Ruthb. June 23, 1763 (G.V.R.)d. ________
9. Samuelb July 9, 1765 (G.V.R.)d. Sept. 9, 1775 (G.V.R.)
10. Edith (Ede)b. Apr.2, 1769 (G.V.R.)d. Nov. 4, 1857 (Pepperel Cemetery)
11. Ebenezerb. ca Dec. 1772 (G.V.R.)d. Sept. 30, 1775 (G.V.R.)
There may have been two Ebenezers, another Sarah and Samuel who died in infancy.

Note 1: Jacob served in the Revolutionary War (with at least 60 other members of the Patch family). Patch names on the Revolutionary War Memorial in Groton are Benjamin, Jacob, Oliver, and Isaac.  Jacob is buried in the old cemetery in Groton.  Jacob was a corporal in Josiah Sawtell’s company of minute men, April 19,1775.

Note 2: Simon was wounded in the battle at White Plains, NY October 28, 1776. And died of his wounds at Groton.  He is buried near Jacob in the old Groton cemetery. “He was brought on a litter from White Plains, a distance of about 200 miles, accompanied by his elder brother.  The litter was made by fitting the butt ends of small trees into the stirrups of a saddle and putting a sack of hay behind on the branches.” (Groton Historical Museum.)

Notes 3. & 4: Oliver and Benjamin were Corporals in the Revolutionary War.  Benjamin buried Ludlow, Vermont.

7. Jacob Patch

b. April 5, 1747 (G.V.R.) (Groton, MA)d. December 22, 1818 (G.V.R.) (Groton, MA)
m. Mary Hazen b. Apr. 28, 1743 (From Rowley, MA)d. Aug 27, 1828. (G.V.R.)
d.of m. Jan  9, 1772. (G.V.R.) (Groton, MA)


1. Jacobb. Nov.22, 1772 (G.V.R.)d. June 23, 1846
2. Sarahb. Dec. 12, 1774 (G.V.R.)d. Nov. 2, 1775 (G.V.R.)
3. Jesseb. Aug. 5, 1776 (G.V.R.)d. Sept. 10, 1777 (G.V.R.)
4. Mollyb. Mar. 27, 1778 (G.V.R.)d. ________
5. Davidb. Jan. 11, 1780 (G.V.R.)d.________ca 1842
6. Lydiab. Jan.24, 1782 (G.V.R.)d. Mar. 27,1865
7. Zarab. Jan.21, 1784 (G.V.R.)d. Jan. 9, 1827 (G.V.R.)
8. Edmund b. Feb. 24, 1786 (G.V.R.)d. ________

Note 1: Volume III Groton Historical Series, S.A. Green; “Dr. Jacob Patch, son of Jacob, and Mary Hazen, b. Nov.22,1772.  Attended Groton Academy-graduated Dartmouth College in class of 1799- practised in Camden, Maine, M. Rebekah, Nov.12,1806, daughter of Caleb and Betty (Cummings) Woods, who was born in Groton, March 29,1781. Jacob died June 23,1846, aged 73, his relict deceased April 18,1854, at the age of 73 years.”

Note 5: In 1802 David and Sarah Heald left Groton to move to Wallingford, Vermont.  They left Wallingford in 1831, for St. Armand, Quebec, then to Dunham, then Farnham, and finally Brome, Quebec.  He may be buried in the Bates Cemetery near Oak Hill or some other nearby cemetery.  Their sons Ransom, Ephriam Heald, and Benjamin came to Lower Canada with them.

Note 6: Lydia married Ephriam Heald Jr. of Westford MA at Groton on June 23,1808. (W.E.V.R.) Ephriam Heald Sr. was a hero in the Revolutionary War.  Hence, the origin of the name Heald in the family tree.  She is buried in Groton Cemetery.

8. David Patch

b. Jan 11, 1780 (G.V.R.) (Groton, MA) d. presumed to have died in Dunham, PQ 
ca 1842, but possibly in Wallingford, VT
m.  Sarah Heald  b. Jan  28, 1777 (B.C.H.S.) (Westford MA) d. April 12, 1854 (Wallingford, VT)
d.of m. May 18, 1800 (W.F.V.R.,G.V.R.) (Westford, MA)
int. April 13, 1800 (G.V.R.)


1. Sarahb.________ 1801 d. ________
2. Davidb. Mar. 29, 1802d. ________ (Weston, VT)
3. Maryb. Sept.15, 1803d. ________
4. Alvirab. Apr. 26, 1805d. ________
5. Constantb. Mar.1, 1807d. ________
6. Lydiab. July 1808d. Sept. 1808
7. Thankfulb. Sept. 1809d. May 1898
8. Ednab. May 11, 1811d. ________
9. Ransomb. July 16, 1813d. Dec. 5, 1880. (Draper Hill Cemetery)
10. Ephriam Healdb. Dec.16, 1814d. Sept. 29, 1890. (Brome, PQ)
11. Benjaminb. Oct.28, 1816d. Oct. 9, 1898. (Weston,VT)

Note 1: Sarah is reputed to have been born in Groton and to have begun teaching school at age 16.  She married David Hager and had one son, Orin Hager.

Note 2: David is reputed to have been born in Wallingford, Vermont, married Prudence Pillsbury.  A son, Aurillius, was killed in the Battle of the Wilderness, May 5, 1864, during the Civil War.  He was a nephew of Ephriam Heald.

Note 9.  Ransom married Melissa Clark, b. October 15, 1813 d. Feb. 7, 1892. They were married in Franklyn, Vermont Dec. 21, 1837, and lived in Dunham Township.  A steam sawmill was built in East Dunham in 1857 by Ransom Patch.  He is buried in Draper Hill Cemetery (Mansville) with Melissa and Alonzo G., son of Ephriam Heald and Harriet Clark.  After Ransom died, Melissa married P. McLaughlin and is buried in Draper Hill Cemetery.

Note 10: In the court house at Sweetsburg (Cowansville) it is noted in the Register of the Methodist Church, St. Armand, 1838, the following: “Ephriam, son of David Patch, of Sutton, Yeoman and Sally, his wife was born on the sixteenth of December,1814 and was baptized on the twenty-ninth of November 1838 in the presence of the subscribing witnesses by me, William Squires, Minister, Philip Spencer Misener, Christopher Misener.” Ephriam married Harriet Clark (first wife) sister of Melissa, Ransom’s wife. Sarah Heald, wife of David, was a daughter of Ephriam Heald Sr., who served in the Revolutionary War.Census of 1851 shows Ephriam and his family living in Dunham Township, south of Oak Hill on the road coming from Dunham Village.  Later, he moved to Brome Township. Ephriam was a warden of the St. John’s Anglican Church, Brome, 1864-66 and 1870-71.

Note 11: Benjamin’s first wife was Axalona Morse m. Dec. 5, 1837, in Franklyn, Vermont.  She died April 20, 1844, aged 29, and is buried in the Morse family cemetery.  They had three children including Benjamin Augusta, b. Feb. 18, 1842, d. April 29, 1912.  He enlisted when nineteen, during the Civil War and was a colour-bearer in Co. “A”, 4th Vermont Infantry.  He was wounded several times.  After Axalona died, Benjamin married Sophia Willis, Jan. 15, 1845 in Richford, Vermont.  Benjamin and Sophia moved to the U.S. and are buried in Weston, Vermont.  Sophia was born April 15, 1819, died October 5, 1898.  Benjamin’s family history is to be found in the publication by Benjamin Patch Jr., Columbia, Missouri, dated 1961.

9. Ephriam Heald Patch

b.   Dec. 16, 1814  (Wallingford ,VT)d. Sept. 29,1890  (Brome, PQ)
 I.   m. Harriet  Clark b. Jan. 5, 1817 (Farnham, PQ) d. Jan. 31, 1844 bur. Bates Cemetery
d.of m. Feb.4, 1839 (St. Armand, PQ) 
Wesleyan Methodist Church


1. Alamander Constant b. Oct. 10, 1839 (Dunham Township)d.. June 21, 1910 (Chapleau, Sudbury, ON District)
2. Horatio H.b.________ 1841d. July 14, 1845 bur. Bates Cemetery
3. Alonzo G.b.________ 1844d. Jan. 17, 1882
II   m. Harriet Parker b. ________1815 d. July 11, 1854 (Brome, PQ, Methodist Cemetery)
d.of m.________ (Richford, VT)


4. Helen A.b. ca 1845d. ________
5. Mary E.b. ca 1846 d. ________
6. Harriet b. ca 1847 d. ________
7. Charles Wesley b. Sept. 18, 1849 d. March 27??, 1903 (Brome, PQ)
8. Ephriam J.b. Feb. 5, ca 1852 d. Feb.6, 1910 (Brome, PQ)
9. Marillab. ca 1854d. ________
III.  m.    Rebecca Mann (Turner) b. May 3, 1817 d. Dec. 17, 1909. (Brome, PQ)
d. of m. October 5, 1854 (Richford, VT)
    By Jay Powell J.P.


10. Ransom W.b. October 4, 1855d. April 12, 1920 (Brome, PQ)
11. Amelia E.b. ________ 1858, (B.C.H.S.) d.________ (NJ)
12. Thankfulb. May 25, 1862d. August 16, 1924 (Sweet Cemetery , W. B.???)
13. Frank Healdb. May 30, 1866 (Brome, PQ)d. June 1, 1935 (Magog, PQ)
14. Benjamin Clark b. Dec. 5, 1868 (Brome, PQ)d. May 29,1944. (Hanover, NH)

Note 1: Alamander m. Mary Ann Paxman  b.1844, Farnham, PQ. d. Nov.1915., Fort William, ON.  Their children were:

A. George Ephriam b. Oct. 17, 1866 (Richford, VT) d. March 6,1934, (Oakland, CA)
m. Janet Daniels  b. Sept. 23, 1860 (Monkland, ON) d. Apr. 2, 1944 (Oakland, CA)
(a)   George Alamander  b. Sept. 25,1888 (Montreal, PQ) d. March 3, 1956 (Oakland, CA)
(b)   Roderick Stanley  b. July 16,1890 (Montreal, PQ)d. ________
m. Gertrude Keily b. May 15, 1898 (Hot Springs, NC)d. ________
d. of m. Oct 4, 1924 (Brooklyn, NY)
Gertrude made a study of the Patch genealogy. They had four children
(c)   Donald Lionel b. Oct. 21, 1892 (Montreal, PQ)d. ________
(d)  Anna Vera  b. July 10, 1894 (Montreal, PQ)d. ________
B. Elmira b. ________
C. Eugene b. Feb 7, 1869 (Richford, VT)d. ________
D. Delmer b. Jan. 3, 1873 (Richford, VT)d. ________
E. Mertonb. Aug 23,1876 (Richford, VT)d. ________

Note 2: Horatio is buried in the Bates Cemetery.

Note 3:  In the census of 1861, Alonzo was living with his Uncle Ransom and Aunt Melissa.  The census records for 1881 show Melissa (Clark) Patch staying with Alonzo and his wife Sarah. Apparently they had no children.  He is listed as a miller.  Alonzo is buried in the Draper Hill Cemetery with Ransom and Melissa.

Note 4:  Helen m. Albert Capron of Brome on March 12,1861, Alamander was a witness.  They had a daughter who died, aged four, Dec. 6, 1871.

Note 7: Charles Wesley  b. Sept. 18, 1849   d. March 24??(or 27??), 1903 (Brome Anglican Cemetery)
   m. Nettie Johnson  b. Aug. 28, 1857      d. Aug. 4, 1924 (Brome Anglican Cemetery)
   Their children were:

A. Walter Herbertb. ________, 1875d. ________, 1963
m. Mary Toof  b. ________, 1876d. ________, 1956
d. of m. June 10, 1904
(a) Charles Wesley b. ________, 1905d. ________, 1922
(b) Laura   b. Nov. 24, 1907d. ________
m. Earl Wright  b. June 10, 1905d. June 27, 1981
d. of m. ________, 1937 (Foster, PQ)
B. Edna Myrtle b.________d. ________
m. Jack Hyde
(Lived in North Hatley)
C. Harrietb. April 8, 1882d. June 8, 1971
m. Edson Avery     b.________1885d.________1918
D. Altonb. April 8, 1882d.________1896
E. Edmond Wesleyb. October 25, 1883d. August 26, 1969. 
bur. Brome Anglican Cemetery
m. May Victoria Metcalfe    b. May 24, 1887d. April 12,1 976
bur. Brome Anglican Cemetery
d.of m. ________1908

Note 8: Ephriam J. m. Lucy Haynes from Vermont (b. Mar.21, 1856 – April 19, 1877 ).  Two children were (a) Amelia Bertha, b. 1873 and (b) Stillman G. (Aug.23,1 875-Apr.24, 1917) buried in the East Bolton Cemetery.  Ephriam had a second wife, no children noted. Ephriam was Postmaster at Millington 1901, and proprietor of the general store.

Note 10: Ransom W.   b. Oct. 4, 1855.  d. April 12, 1920.    Brome , PQ
                              m. Louis Edith Brown      b.Aug.3, 1863.   d. Feb.12, 1908.
                              d.of m.  October 19,1880.
                              Ransom and Edith bur. Brome Anglican Cemetery.
                              Their children were:

A. Ephriam Healdb. July 30, 1881d. Feb.12, 1883  bur. Brome Cemetery
B. Edithb. June 7, 1883d. May 4, 1920  bur. Brome Cemetery
C. Ameliab. Oct 3, 1884d. Jan 2, 1966  (Victoria, BC)
m. Walter Hislop   b. Mar.19, 1885d. Mar. 9, 1944 (Victoria, BC)
D. Winnifred Anne b. June 12, 1888d. April 25, 1950
m. Horace Chapman
E. Williamb. Oct 26, 1891d. July 26, 1941 (Peterborough,ON)
m. Helen Farmer

Note 12: Thankful m. Samuel T. Fletcher.

Note 13: Frank Heald  had a blacksmith and woodwork shop in Brome Village until about 1911, moved to Millington 1911-1919, Eastray 1919-1923, moved to Ascutney, Vermont and managed a farm 1923-1930.  Retired to Magog (1930-1935) Frank and Jennie are buried in the Pine Hill Cemetery in Magog, Quebec.

Note 14: Benjamin Clark m. Martha Louise Buzzo, April 26,1890.  She was born in Bolton, Quebec Oct. 6, 1867 and died Jan. 5,1922.  They had nine sons.  One son was Benjamin Charles b.Sept.1,1906 in Hartland Vermont, who married Jane Keay of Dorchester, MA.  They had two sons. One of the sons was Benjamin Charles Jr. b. Oct. 18,1931, in Hanover, Vermont.  He compiled a “Genealogical History of one branch of the Patch family in America” dated 1961.

10. Frank Heald Patch

b. May 30, 1866 (Brome, Quebec)d. June 1, 1935 (Magog, Quebec)
m. Jennie Simms  b. June 22, 1869 (Sutton, Quebec)d. Sept 6, 1954 (Magog, Quebec)
d.of m. March 9, 1886


1. Charles Ephriamb. Dec 31, 1888d. Sept 19, 1948 
2. Heald Frankb. May 10, 1891 d. Nov 13, 1957 
(Farnham, Quebec)
3. Leroy Smithb. May 4, 1893d. Nov 2, 1953
4. Kenneth Leeb. Dec 14, 1895d. Mar 18, 1896
(Brome, Quebec)
5. Francis Eugeneb. Dec 14, 1896d. Dec 14, 1960
(Magog, Quebec)
6. Rae Amelia b. Sept 7, 1899d. April 10, 1901
(Brome, Quebec)
7. Ruth Ellab. Sept 7, 1899d. Dec 28, 1988
(East Thetford, Vermont)
8. (undisclosed)b. (undisclosed) 

Note 1: Charles Ephriam married four times (A) Mabel Scott (Sutton ) in 1908, had two children, Arnold b. Dec.11, 1908, d.1984, Sybil b. July 19, 1914, d. March 1994. (B) Catharine Page b. Eastman, Quebec, (C) Annie White b. Proctorsville, Vermont, (D) Alberta Cushing b. Hartford, Vermont.

Note 2: Heald Frank and Minnie are buried in the Stanbury Cemetery, Quebec.

Note 3: Leroy m. Nora Lachapelle, April 30, 1913.

Note 5: Francis m. Emma Bryant (1891-1951). They are buried in the Pine Hill Cemetery in Magog, Quebec.

Note 7: Ruth m.(A) Raymond Wing b. 1891 d. Oct.26, 1933, d.of m. Sept.10,1919.  (B) m. Clarence Cowan in 1946 ,b.July 14, 1903, d. Feb.21, 1977.

Note 8: Alberta m.(A) John Medlyn in September, 1924, b.1898, d. Aug.1980 (divorced)      (B) m. Frank Faery in June 1957, b.1894, d. August 1970.(C) m. Armand Beaulac in April 1974.     b. Dec. 25, 1900, d. Nov. 20, 1988.


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